Express: My Brilliant Friend on HBO: How is the book different to the series?

MY BRILLIANT FRIEND is currently airing on HBO and Sky Atlantic. But how is the series different from the Elena Ferrante book the show is based on?

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Samuel Spencer – Nov 20, 2018

HBO is currently airing its adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s 2012 book My Brilliant Friend. The series is currently airing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. But how is the novel of My Brilliant Friend different from the HBO and Sky Atlantic series?

How is the My Brilliant Friend book different from the series?

So far, the series has been remarkably faithful to the book.

Like the novel, the first episode of My Brilliant Friend begins with a prologue that shows the older version of Elena Greco (played by Elisabetta De Palo) receiving a call from Lina’s son Rino saying that Elena’s old friend Lina (Gaia Grace and Ludovica Nasti) has gone missing.

This leads Elena to start writing about her history with Lila.

In the first episode, we see their early school days as they meet in school and bond when they throw each other’s dolls into the basement of the terrifying Don Achille Carracci (Antonio Pennarella).

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