Deadline: Maggie Gyllenhaal on ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’, ‘The Deuce’ & Not Starring in Her Elena Ferrante Adaptation

On Deadline

Jan 1, 2019 – Antonia Blyth

As with her previous work in projects like Secretary and The Honorable WomanMaggie Gyllenhaal, doesn’t shy away from the raw underside of humanity in Netflix’s The Kindergarten TeacherIn the titular role of Lisa Spinelli, Gyllenhaalexploresthe downward spiral of a woman projecting her poetry ambitions onto an apparent child prodigy. It’s a dark and uncomfortable, but ultimately fascinating tale of the possible consequences of a personality shoehorned and silenced into the wrong existence, and one that Gyllenhaal depicts with her trademark depth and complexity.

“I’ve become more and more aware of the ways that none of us are fed in the ways that we need to be fed,” she says of her decision to do the Sara Colango-written and directed film.

Now about to head into Season 3 of HBO’s The Deuce, which she both produces and stars in as Eileen “Candy” Merrell–a sex worker with an artistic sideline directing porn–Gyllenhaal is also deep into adapting the Elena Ferrante novel The Lost Daughter into a film she plans to make her directorial debut.

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