On Point

The Best Books Of 2015

The best books of 2015: “Fates and Furies,” “Between the World and Me,” “Purity” and a whole lot more.

A collection of the covers of some of the best books of 2015. (Images Courtesy The Publishers)

Every December we bring in book readers and sellers and critics and ask them to share their favorite books of the year. Some years there is lots of overlap on those lists. Some years, they’re all over the place. This is one of those sprawling years. Look around. Ta-Nehisis Coates makes lots of lists with “Between the World and Me.” Elena Ferrante is up there. Helen Macdonald, with “H is for Hawk.”  Then it’s a free-for-all. But a rich free-for-all. Full of great reads. This hour, On Point, we put our net in the river for the best books of 2015. And it’s a good catch. Stay tuned.

— Tom Ashbrook