The New York Times: Searching for Love and Money in ‘My Brilliant Friend’

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Aisha HarrisJoshua Barone and Natalie Shutler – Dec 4, 2018

This conversation includes spoilers for the first six episodes of “My Brilliant Friend.”

Growing up in a violent Neapolitan neighborhood, Lila and Lenù weren’t afforded much childhood innocence, but any they had is definitely gone by the end of the sixth episode of HBO’s adaptation of “My Brilliant Friend.” This week’s episodes saw Lenù tormented by puberty and school before heading off for sun and new experiences on the island of Ischia. Lila, meanwhile, is embedding herself deeper into the neighborhood, designing shoes with her brother and juggling the advances of the aggressive Marcello Solara.

This week, Joshua Barone and Aisha Harris, editors on the Culture desk, and Natalie Shutler, an editor on the Styles desk, discuss the fifth and sixth episodes. You can read our discussion of the first two episodes here, the third and fourth here and the Times review of the show here.

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