The New York Times: You’ve Finished Watching ‘My Brilliant Friend.’ Here’s What to Do Next.

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Eleanor Stanford – Dec 11, 2018

You’ve watched all eight episodes of HBO’s “My Brilliant Friend.” Maybe you’ve also gone back and rewatched some of the early episodes with the young actresses playing Lila and Lenù. Maybe you’ve started reading (or rereading) Elena Ferrante’s novel, and the sequels that follow. But what then? How else to prolong the mood and magic of Ferrante’s world?

Read on for what to read and watch now that we’ve left the neighborhood.

I want to know about the series.

• In his Times review of the show, James Poniewozik calls the series “as intimate as ‘Game of Thrones’ is sweeping,” noting that “My Brilliant Friend” “stands out in an HBO drama-series lineup that has been dominated by turbulent men.”

• Here at the Times we gathered a weekly group of Ferrante fans to discuss the show as it aired. You can read the conversation about the final two episodes here, and the rest here.

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